Raindrops puncture
illusions of heaven,
river revealed. 



Silver sea and heaven
distinguished by the ripples
of raindrops. 



Over my tender hopes
the low sound of loss -



Soaked by showers,
still my stubbornness keeps me
gazing at rain clouds. 



Pine aroma
whipped up in the winds
shaken to the earth.



If we must move apart
let us move like ripples  
touching souls. 



We move in meandering movement
each turn creates an island
I wait for you there.



A rush of sound
waves shift stones to-and-frow
free sensation. 


Steadily through
slow skies and shallows
both drifting.

Sun beams refracting
over dark rock and through
the synodic sway.

In shallow lapping waves
I walk through endless tides,
pale summer morning.

Earth dissolved
into silky sheets of sky -
pouring rain.

Autumn winds waft through
pampas grass and swollen clouds -
speck of rain.