eight winds of passion
drive my leaking boat


This collection endeavors to harness the restlessness of the Cornish seas as a reflection of our own unsettled nature. Ever moving, the works stir with undercurrents and undulations of uncertainty. Indecision looms like a heavy rain cloud. 

Compared with earlier, subtler works, this collection has a more visceral, complex and expressive visual language. An inefficiency to understand and communicate is presented with a dizzying energy. Bristles of a brush agitate the ebb of ink across the surface. Multiple strokes caress and dissolve into each other. Like tumultuous sand in the shallows, gold pigments are tarnished with grey. 

Throughout the collection there are sporadic shifts and the sense of an unresolved direction. It becomes an exploration of the transience of state and self.

list of works-
'Eight winds of passion' Hand painted mono print
61 x 40cm | Sold
'A heavy shadow of clouds over the ocean'
collection of six Mono Prints with chinecole
| 16 x 14cm | framed
'Void Burst' Mono print
54 x 48cm | framed
'As flowing waters disappear into mist' Mono print
54 x 48cm | framed