heaven and water at odds,
the self is not lost-
waiting, on a sandbank


This collection of work is a response to the mysterious and ancient poetry of Buddhist monks. The poems, although centuries old, are profoundly feminist and modern. Concerned with nature and the coming and going of being, existence, life and time. In our world of technology and speed, the quietness of poems seems to be ever more relevant and valued.

While the ocean sustains my visual stimuli, Zen poetry resonates with its own strong current through my imagery. Sparse and abstract, like the ancient poetry, the objects and subject are left absent. The prints have become subtle gestures themselves. Simple yet substantial, a kind of restrained spontaneity of impulse gives powerful energy to the washy backgrounds and brushstrokes. They open themselves to a broad range of connotation to allow our inner senses of endlessness pulsate.

Collection of six mono Prints with chinecole on Somerset Satin
14 x 16cm | Framed | Sold